Welcome to our platform, where your journey towards mastering EMDR therapy begins with the guidance of Dr. Zeynep Zat, a luminary in the field. Recognised in both the UK and Türkiye, Dr. Zat brings an unparalleled depth of expertise and a global perspective to her training sessions. As someone eager to excel in trauma therapy, you’ll find Dr. Zat’s offering is not just educational but transformative.

She provides comprehensive EMDR training aligned with the standards set by the EMDR Europe Association, supplemented by additional protocols. This training emphasizes practical clinical skills for mastering EMDR and seamlessly incorporating it into your psychotherapeutic practice. To enhance learning, each session is limited in size, allowing personalized attention to every participant.

Dr. Zat’s extensive experience, marked by her unique accreditation as an EMDR Europe Trainer and Consultant, makes her one of the most qualified professionals to lead you through the intricacies of EMDR therapy. Her approach, grounded in practical experience and enriched by her work across diverse settings, provides a comprehensive learning experience that prepares you for real-world challenges.

For those of you looking to deepen your understanding and skill set in trauma therapy, Dr. Zat’s work, especially her pioneering role in applying EMDR to diverse trauma situations, from clinical settings to refugee camps, offers invaluable insights. Her involvement in significant research projects, including the EMDR treatment of Fibromyalgia, which was recognized with a substantial research award, underscores the impact of her work and the evidence-based foundation of her training programs.

Dr. Zat’s commitment to the EMDR community extends beyond her professional achievements. Her volunteer work, particularly in response to crises and natural disasters, illustrates the practical applicability and humanitarian potential of EMDR therapy. This experience is integrated into her training, providing a rich context for learning and application.

Moreover, Dr. Zat’s dynamic and engaging teaching style ensures that her training sessions are not only informative but also interactive and responsive to your needs as a learner. Whether you’re new to EMDR or looking to enhance your existing skills, Dr. Zat’s programs are designed to support your growth and confidence in the practice of trauma therapy.

Choosing to train with Dr. Zeynep Zat means opting for a learning experience that is rooted in excellence, compassion, and a deep commitment to applying EMDR therapy effectively across a range of challenging situations. Her expertise, combined with a pragmatic and empathetic approach to teaching, makes her an ideal mentor for your professional development in the field of psychological therapy.